portaitWith my Masters of Science in hand and a keen interest in scientific writing and information visualization, I am on the hunt for technical writing opportunities in a challenging environment. I have created this online portfolio to showcase my professional and personal projects, various skills and work experiences.

For an outline of my education and professional experiences, you can access my CV here.

Interested in collaborating? Contact me! and add me on LinkedIn.

Aside from being an infinitesimal, truly byte-size, portion of the Internet dedicated to my professional portfolio, the spzfolio is a place I can document and reflect upon different experiences such as attending interesting public talks and listening to thought-provoking podcasts. Basically anything that I encounter as I shape my career path. Check out the spzfolio blog to find out what I have been up to professionally.

On ‘off’ days, I enjoy sprinting frantically on my bike to the local coffee shop where I’ll savor a warm cup of tea, do some brainstorming, and work on my latest project only to return home famished where I’ll then craft a simple delicious meal (to perhaps blog about later depending on its success) and finally crash on my sofa while planing a future day hike with friends. Other things I like: camping, zombies, karate, brainwashing my five year old brother.