Research and Writing

Be it my interest in scientific endeavors or the culinary arts, I enjoy sharing my passions through words and images. As a researcher I have developed a writing style which emphasizes clarity and conciseness and learned to illustrate my work by designing appropriate visualizations for technical reports, grant submissions or research proposals. As a blogger, I have learned how to use humor, intrigue, and captivating visuals to build and retain a readership on my two blogs featured in this portfolio.

Other than the usual Microsoft Word, the following are software and tools that I find indispensable to my research and writing process:

  • Evernote to organize my research findings and notes.
  • Google keep to keep track of daily task on all my devices
  • Github to hold all my software or visualization projects
  • LaTeX to efficiently build large documents and presentations
  • Adobe Photoshop to craft and edit visually stunning images
  • Adobe Illustrator to create and layout figures and diagrams

Two projects from my research at the University of British Columbia are in the process of being published in peer-reviewed journals. For examples of my written and visual work, you can check out my Masters thesis which was featured on the Microbiome Digest as an interesting microbiology bioinformatics paper to read.